Our State

Our country is in great debt at both the state and federal level. It is time to change the culture of politics. One way to change the culture of politics in our country is to vote many of the current politicians out of office. It is time to vote for people who want to change the way business is conducted. This has already begun.

There are many problems in our country that need change. We have police officers being shot, and we have children being shot. The greatest tragedy of all is children being shot in schools throughout the country. Part of it is due to the mental health problems of individuals. Part of it is due to the general lack of respect that permeates our society. People need to show each other respect. Children will learn what they are taught when raised by their families. People need to be responsible for their behavior. The door swings both ways and we need to treat each other with respect.

I taught many students in my career that needed help changing their behavior to be more successful in dealing with other people. If you go into a situation with a negative attitude, you are most likely going to receive a negative result. We need more positivity when interacting with others.

In my career, several students were lost to gun violence. It’s sad to see children getting killed and seeing their lives cut short. It’s a tragedy that in this day and age this still exists. We need to rid our society of gun violence. I believe that the way to change this mentality toward violence is through education. Gun violence solves nothing and creates nothing. Life is precious.

Martin Luther King, Jr. stated in one of his speeches, “Learn baby learn, so you can earn baby earn,” meaning education can lead you to a better life. It doesn’t cost a cent to take your child to the library and learn how to read. Many parents can’t read so they would also benefit by going to the library with their children to learn together. My father used to tell me, “You make your own way in life through hard work and effort.” In other words, you make your own luck in life from self-reliance.